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“sitting in Hamburg” after the play „Three Sisters“ by A. Chekhov
adapted and directed by Christiane Pohle
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Photo: Ilan Hamra
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  • starring: Katja Hensel, Stefanie Höner, Judith Huber, Barbara Wurster (Saskia Kästner)
  • costume and set design: Esther Bialas
  • lighting design: Sofie Thyssen
  • production manager: Andrea Tietz - att

A production by LABORLAVACHE, in cooperation with att

Three sisters - a play in four acts by A. Chekhov  

Irina, Mascha and Olga are tired of living in the Russian countryside. They dream of moving to the capital. In their illusions, Moscow means everything for them: being at the focus of events, being free, being loved, being famous. They rely on their brother Andrei to buy a house in Moscow. Unfortunately, he experiences a setback in his career. And it gets even worse: he gets fat, lazy and, in order to compensate for his defeat, he marries the energetic Natalya and has no intention any more to move to Moscow. Instead, Andrei and his wife move into the country house with his sisters. The sisters don't want to face reality. They are exhausted with philosophizing about life and making plans for Moscow that they can't even manage to make tea for themselves....    

Three sisters - a party in four acts adapted by C. Pohle

The three sisters Mascha, Irina and Olga are bored of their life in a small village in North Germany, whereas life seems to be much more exciting in the capital. Berlin represents an exciting life for all three of them: a love parade in the streets, illegal pubs, the red light districts, discotheques, fast food at 4am, good looking and charismatic cab-drivers. But their brother Andrei does not buy them the house in Berlin as promised. The sisters are stuck with their crates already packed for Berlin. They blame their tedious surroundings for their passionless existence. Natalia is totally different, she mercilessly dismantles the sisters' illusions. They, on the other hand, ignore reality and celebrate with one party after the next... Moscow, Berlin, Tokio, New York. Things are always happening somewhere else...  

Funny, true-to-life, a little masterpiece, wrote “Die Welt, Hamburg”, after the successful premiere at Hamburg's Kammerspiele .

Excerpts from press reviews of „sitting in Hamburg“

„With a sharp view for the weakness and contradiction of their sex, they draw three types of women, which sacrifice the truth for their addiction to harmony.

Director Pohle and Set Designer Bialas make a small, really lively celebration of theatre out of the big piece.“

Hamburger Abendblatt, 02.07.1999

„Funny, true-to-life, a little masterpiece.“

Die Welt, Hamburg, 02.07.99

„It is a performance that intensifies itself more and more, it gets fundamental, important, thickens cleverly....“
WZ, 10.04.2000

„Natalja, the sister-in-law, in the funniest way, dismantles the sister`s illusions. What stays: a chaotic battle-field and hope for a new beginning, perhaps in Berlin.“
NRZ, 15.04.2000

„It is of a delicate, touching melancholy. The mainly young audience celebrated the actresses with prolonged applause and jubilation.“

Neue Ruhr-Zeitung, 18.11.2000

„A splendid ride over precipices of sentiments that Chechov surely would have liked.“

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, 21.11.2000

„The piece balances on light feet between caricature and bowing in front of the great classic.“
WAZ, 28.11.2000

„The actresses are all of an amazing niveau, Katja Hensel as Mascha shows such a casual, sad forlornness and develops her high-spirited outbursts just from the melancholy that one regrets, after eighty minutes, the performance to be finished.“
tip-Berlin, Nr.8/01

„The young director Christiane Pohle and her actresses have pulled the drama into their world. That world is smaller than Checkov´s, but one likes to live in it. There are no dissonances, the written and the improvised dialogues are casually mixed.“
Berliner Zeitung, 07.04.2001

„The girls’ group „Laborlavache“ from Hamburg takes the fundamental aspects of the Checkov play, a few moods and four different characters of women and works out a sparkling female comedy called „Three Sisters“. A refreshingly lively and funny performance. Christiane Pohle superbly rocks the three-sisters-house between hedonism and despair, and mare-biting and solidarity among sisters.“
Frankfurter Alllgemeine Zeitung, Berlin, 07.04.2001

Performing schedule
International Theatre Festvial BITEI 2004, Moldava
Date: Sunday, 23 May 2004, 6 pm
Venue: A.P. Chekhov State Russian Drama Theatre
75 Vlaicu Pircalab St., 2012 Chisinau

International Theatre Festival, Pilsen, Republic
Date: Wednesday, 15 September 2004, 4 pm
Venue: Komorní Divadlo, Prokopová 14, 20435 Pilsen  

National Theatre Thalia, Hamburg, Germany
Date :Fr. 15 October, Sa. 16 October 2004, 8 pm
Venue : Thalia in der Gauss.str., Gaußstr. 190, 22765 Hamburg  

Further performances are planned and will be announced as soon as the dates are fixed.  
For information do not hesitate to contact Andrea Tietz, e-mail :