att theaterproduktion
A theatre festival for six directors, six countries and six European scenarios.


NO99, Tallinn, Estonia
Fri 31 August; Sat 1 September, 8pm, Malersaal
120 minutes
In Estonian with German subtitles

The time will soon come when there won’t be enough oil to cover the world’s needs. What will the consequences be for the economy, the society and the people? Four men and one woman will narrate facts about Peak Oil, the final oil crisis, by dancing, singing and playing. Disguised in a fast mixture of cabaret, musical and striptease, Nafta! (Oil!) presents a new form of political theatre. In Tallinn this is the cult play. Its performances are sold our quicker than Metallica concerts.

Concept, direction: Text: Tiit Ojasoo, Ene-Liis Semper
Stage, costumes: Ene-Liis Semper
Starring: Mirtel Pohla, Jaak Prints, Gert Raudsep, Kristjan Sarv, Tambet Tuisk

In 2005 the young director Tiit Ojasoo moved into the national theatre Vanalinnastuudio with an ensemble of eight men and two women and called it NO99  - number 99. Since then the theatre productions have been rolling out. Their current play NO88, by the title “Hot Estonian Guys“, deals with the scientifically forecast population loss in Estonia. Ene-Liis Semper, stage designer and co-director of NO99, is an internationally acclaimed video artist whose work was on show at the Venice biannual film festival and at the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin.

Elsi, the strange maid

Theater Club 111, Berne, Switzerland
Based on the novel by Jeremias Gotthelf
Sun 2 September, 7.30pm; Mon 3 September, 9.30pm, Rangfoyer
90 minutes
In Bernese dialect with standard German subtitles

Heimiswyl in the Emmental. In the living room where farmers, labourers and maids eat supper, the world is still okay. Until Elsi turns up and is given work as a maid despite her foreign origin. Elsi acquires the neighbouring farmer’s love and the resentment from the villagers while in France the revolution erupts and spills over to

the land of honey and chocolate. Club 111 sets Gotthelf’s story of 1843 to the globalised world and cleverly links current topics with the techniques of popular theatre to a fast-paced droll story.

Director: Meret Matter, text: Stefanie Grob, stage: Serge Nyfeler, stage/costumes: Renate Wünsch, music: Mario Batkovic
Starring: Beat-Man, Catriona Guggenbühl, Daniel Mangisch, Lilian Naef, Pilo Lydlow, Sonja Riesen

Club 111 is a constant in the Swiss theatre landscape. Established in 1989 by Meret Matter, Grazia Pergoletti and Renate Wünsch as a collective at the Tojo Theater of the Reithalle Bern, they have staged more then 20 productions which were successfully presented nationally and internationally. Meret Matter has also been staging plays at national theatres since 2000, such as the Schauspielhaus Zürich, Theater Freiburg and at schauspielhannover.

Oedipus loves you

Pan Pan Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
Mon 3 September; Tue 4 September, 8pm, Malersaal
70 minutes
In English with German subtitles

Somewhere in the suburbs, a middle-class family drama unfurls between bedroom, kitchen and barbecue involving the father Oedipus, his wife Jocasta, their teen daughter Antigone and Uncle Creon. To top it all even the blind soothsayer Tiresias turns up and prescribes the family a group therapy. When they form a live rock band all hell breaks loose. Inspired by Sophocles and Sigmund Freud, Dublin’s Pan Pan Theatre sheds exhilaratingly fresh light on the classical myth about patricide and incest, combining theatre, video and live music to forge a performance which is both intelligent and highly comical.

Director: Gavin Quinn, text: Simon Doyle and Gavin Quinn, stage: Andrew Clancy, costumes: Helen McCusker, lights: Aedín Cosgrove, music: Gordon is a Mime
Sound: Jimmy Eadie, production: Aoife White
Starring: Ned Dennehy, Derrik Devine, Gina Moxley, Ruth Negga, Karl Shiels, Dylan Tighe /

The Pan Pan Theatre is one of Ireland’s most innovative theatre groups. Established in 1991 by the directors Gavin Quinn and Aedín Cosgrove, they have developed more than 15 productions with which they gave performances in the UK, Canada, Australia and Korea. In 2006 they performed the celebrated insinuation of The Playboy of the Western World by J.M. Synge with Chinese actors. Gavin Quinn also works as opera director, his last project was Mozart’s "Così fan tutte“ for Opera Ireland in May of this year.

A Play for Two

DOT, Istanbul, Turkey
Thu 6 September; Fri 7 September, 7pm and 10pm, Rangfoyer
60 minutes
In Turkish with simultaneous German interpretation

The iron maze appears as a huge cage in the middle of which the audience is sitting. A man and a woman, who once loved one another, climb, push and follow bars with acrobatic speed. Only with individual words can memories be revived, conduct a powerful, deeply moving dialogue of language and movement. The spectator becomes participant of the intimate movement of a couple whose love has become impossible. An impressively unusual insinuation directed by the famous graphical designer Bülent Erkmen.

Concept, design, direction: Bülent Erkmen, text: Yekta Kopan, co-director: Murat Daltaban
Stage construction: Yeşim Bakirküre, light: Kemal Yiğitcan
Starring: Melike Güner, Alper Kul, Selen Ucer

In the heart of Istanbul on the 4th floor of an impressive art nouveau building, DOT is located. Since 2005 contemporary theatre has been produced at the top level in the small, state-of-the-art room, without any public support but with all the more success. For its plays of its first season, DOT was awarded the prize for the best play by the International Association of Theatre Critics.A Play for Two was created as entry to the 15th International Istanbul Theatre Festival.

The trial

Prague Chamber Theatre, Czech Republic
Based on the novel by Franz Kafka
In a version by Dusan D. Parizek
Thu 6 September; Fri 7 September, 8pm, Malersaal
90 minutes
In Czech with German subtitles

On the morning of his 30th birthday Josef K. is arrested. But he remains a free man and as he unsuccessfully attempts to find out what he is charged with, he is increasingly enmeshed in the nightmarish maze of a surreal bureaucracy. Finally, he is sentenced to death and stabbed to death by to royal henchmen:  “Like a dog!” Is the feeling of guilt the legitimisation of even the meaning of life? The Prague Chamber Theatre, directed by Dusan D. Parizek and at home in Divadlo Komedie, sets out on to race central European cultural identity with Kafka’s most famous anti-hero.

Director, stage and translation: Dušan D. Parizek, costumes: Kamila Polívková, music: Ivan Acher, projection: Ivan Acher, Kamila Polívková, light: Jiří Kufr, Dušan D. Parizek
Starring: Martin Finger, Gabriela Míčová, Jiří Černý, Stanislav Majer, Martin Pechlát, Roman Zach

The Prague Chamber Theatre ensemble established in 1998 by Dusan D. Parizek, has been at home in the Divadlo Komedie since 2002 and has quickly become an important centre for innovative theatre with its performances of contemporary Czech and German-speaking authors, such as Thomas Bernhard, Elfriede Jelinek and Werner Schwab. Apart from his activity as theatre manager and director at his home venue, Parizek regularly stages plays in Germany, i.e. at the Köln, the Deutsches Theater Berlin and in the autumn at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg for the first time.

Play instinct

Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg
Based on a novel by Juli Zeh
In a version by Bernhard Studlar
Sun 9 September, 8pm, Malersaal
180 minutes, one interval

The highly talented 14-year old Ada and the charismatic Alev meet at a private school. Both feel they are superior observers of the world where a play has taken the place of values, ideals and moral, by them setting the rules. And so Smutek, their teacher, falls victim to coldly calculated blackmail. Ada seduces him, Alev takes his photograph and the subsequently force him to have regular sex with Ada.
The young director Roger Vontobel transfers the powerful imagery of the text with playful simplicity and a precise feel for rhythm to the stage – a genial, disturbing insinuation.

Director: Roger Vontobel, stage: Petra Winterer, constumes: Dagmar Fabisch, video: Dirk Hermeyer, dramaturgy: Nicola Bramkamp
Starring: Marco Albrecht, Gernot Grünewald, Irene Kugler, Max Mayer, Jana Schulz, Monique Schwitter, Jürgen Uter

Roger Vontobel, born in 1977 in, grew up in South Africa and Switzerland, studied, after being educated as an actor in New York, to become a theatre director in Hamburg. Since 2005 he has been regularly insinuating at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, the Schauspiel Essen and at the Münchner Kammerspiele. Theater heute crowned him in 2006 to the newcomer director of the year, in 2007 he was awarded the Bensheim support prize for directing.

supporting programme

How Europe can success

The great EU family line-up
by Katja Hensel and Rainer Holzapfel
Date Fri, 31 August; Sat 1 September, 10pm, Rangfoyer
60 minutes

The European constitution is on hold. Problems with identity, family arguments, a load of unsolved history – how Europe will be successful that is what the 27 members if the EU family have been wondering for quite some time now. Only one therapy can really help here. And so a selection of member states – the Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Malta, Cyprus and Spain – find themselves in a group session. Because if the psychological conditions of the family members is put back in order, it might all come up roses with the European... A complicated, highly entertaining operation on the heart of Europe.

Concept/text: Katja Hensel, director: Rainer Holzapfel, Katja Hensel
Starring: Lilian Budde, Victor Calero, Christian Dieterle, Katja Hensel, Susanne Höhne, Sven Philipp, Michael Stobbe, Miriam Wagner

Europe round table with the directors

Sun 2 September, 5.30pm, Marmorsaal

Meret Matter (CH), Dusan D. Parizek (CZ), Gavin Quinn von Pan Pan (IE), Tiit Ojasoo of NO99 (EE) and Katja Hensel (D) and Roger Vontobel (DE) inform on their domestic theatre landscape, the support structures and the artistic work.
The audience is invited to get to meet the directors and to get an impression under what circumstances theatre is produced in our neighbouring countries and in Germany.

In German and/or with simultaneous interpretation.

Folkloric “Heimat” evening

In 30 minutes through the homes of the festival guests

Estonia:                  Fri 31 August, 11pm
Switzerland:             Sun 2 September, 10pm
Ireland:                  Tue 4 September, 10pm
Turkey:                  Wed 5 September, 10pm
Czech Republic:        Thu 6 September, 11pm

A slide projector, a music system, typical national dishes and drinks, the question mark and thirty minutes of time, these are some of the ingredients with which the guests of Projection Europe will cook their respective home evening. Six self-insinuations for beginners and advance spectators not always to be taken too seriously provide the perfect opportunity to learn interesting, unknown and maybe even superfluous facts about our old and new European neighbours.

Me and You and the EU

Small experiences on the border (fun & horror) by Bernhard Studlar
Wed 5 September, 8pm, Kantine
90 minutes

An utopian place, Kafejo Europa. Here Karoline, an exchange student, who earns her money from surveys on the EU, the profound Kardinal, who constantly drinks beer and the young waiter with the great yearning. And while they are waiting for the new Europe they dream of change, of finally arriving somewhere and occasionally sing a song. Me and You and the EU, after „Play Instinct“ a second cooperation of the Austrian author Bernhard Studlar with the director Roger Vontobel, is a tragicomical collection of scenes with a fine sense of humour and lots of music.

Director: Roger Vontobel, stage, costumes: Petra Winterer, music: Sebastian Reuter
Video: Dirk Hermeyer, dramaturgy: Nicola Bramkamp
Starring: Jana Schulz, Jürgen Uter, Sören Wunderlich

Europe Lounge with closing evening party

DJ Andrej Lidokhover
Fri 7 september, 11pm, Kantine

DJ Andrej Lidokhover of the famous Datscha project will be on the decks. A dance evening powerfully mixed from Russian rock, pop, hip-hop, easy listening, ska, klezmer, ethno punk and Balkan music with squeezebox and trumpets.

Andrej Lidokhover, born in St. Petersburg, hit no. 1 in the Siberian charts some years ago as a house DJ. Then he invented the music style of the Datscha parties with Rodion Levin. With Projektion Europa he is visiting in a private capacity and exclusively under his own name.

Idea / Concept:
Andrea Tietz – att Theaterproduktionen

Nicola Bramkamp, Andrea Tietz, Almut Wagner

Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg

A co-operation of att – Andrea Tietz Theaterproduktionen and the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg

Supported by the German Federal Foundation

Further information: Andrea Tietz, Tel.: 040.69 45 41 72, E-Mail:

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